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Myths about Ketodiet: I have phases and I change the menu

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Crap! We’re not talking about Atkins ‘ diet. You’re probably in shock, but you may have been holding a Atkins diet that has four phases and gradually adding carbohydrates to your diet back in the allowed food. In fact, everything is going step by step according to what allows you. I believe those who hold a keto diet do not have a problem with this even this article is not for themand they can quietly go to another one.

Fact 1: The Keto diet has no phases. Keto Diet is a style of eating that is immutable and keeps on forever. It’s not that you put a keto for two weeks and then you start eating carbohydrates in each meal until you get into the maintenance phase.

Fact 2: There is no such thing as stabilization. Stabilize ketones with the correct ratio of 20% protein, 75% fat and 5% carbohydrates (I recommend you calculate the values according to your person). You burn unnecessary body fats and the body will have more energy on everything.

Fact 3: I don’t need to change the diet, so the yo-yo effect won’t appear. Dirty word-yoyo. Just not, you can eat richly and have a good time as long as you want and the weight gain is not there.

I won’t write the usual four facts. The aim of the short contribution was only to show that there is no need to be a member of the herd and you need to read something about the diet before you start attacking around (like me) that the keto diet is this and this. No! This is a Keto diet!

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Myths about Ketodiet: I have a protein diet

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A very common view of the whole ketodiet is the opinion that this is a diet where you will have a lot of proteins, minimum carbohydrates and minimum fats. This trend is used as a good marketing thrust for different companies and of course go ahead, it’s got the effect because your caloric intake will fall to a minimum and proteins according to their words will keep your muscles free from loss. But is it true?

Fact 1: Keto diet is not a protein diet. The diet is based on the formation of ketones, which are formed based on low intake of carbohydrates and adequate protein intake.

Fact 2: If you accept too much protein, you are not in ketosis. Really. As stated in another my article, there will be a gluconeogenesis that will start melt proteins in the energy and thus throw you out of ketosis. Are you still wondering that your papers to control keto show negative results?

Fact 3: Proteins should only consist of about 20% of the daily intake. Don’t be alarmed that volume but energy intake. Use macrocalculator or some caloric table to make it clear how much protein you have received. If you go above 30%, then maybe you lost weight… more certainly, but it’s not a keto diet.

Fact 4: Proteins are stored in your body as an additional weight, but not muscles. If you have not burned all the excess proteins you have eaten, and I believe you have not practised, your weight will not go down. In the extreme case, proteins will begin to be stored as a defense against the loss of carbohydrates.

This is just a short list without unnecessary details on how to hold a protein diet is not a keto diet and how your efforts can harm you. You say you lose weight? So it is well, you lose it due to the reduced energy revenues you have been accustomed to, but you are holding a completely different diet that does not have such good effects on your body.

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Myths about Ketodiet: Fats are a supplement

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People who want to make money to you tell you that you have to eat this one and this supplement and to do a few peanuts and one avocado and probha only egg whites, but not much… Great, so you’re zhubnuli! But what happened to your body when you didn’t receive fats? (Of course, I’m going to miss that you didn’t have the energy and probably came diarrhea and other side effects we’ll talk about next time, especially how to deal with them).

Fact 1: Proper fats are fuel on a keto diet. It’s not carbohydrates, it’s not protein. Ketosis is the process of processing received and body fats and their transformation into ketones that give you energy.

Fact 2: If you don’t accept enough fats a day, the body will start searching for energy. Where will it find it? In muscle and it doesn’t matter if you have today had 80% of proteins in the whole diet. These proteins will start to store in the body as fat and you will not move anywhere in the long term.

Fact 3: If you lack fats in a keto diet, you lose your muscles. Are you excited to lose weight? Clearly! However, if you do not give the body enough of the right fat, you destroy the muscles and combine fact 1 to 3 together. You don’t have the energy because you don’t have fats and because you degenerate muscles.

Fact 4: When Keto diet, you must involve fats in each meal. If you remember in the evening that you were eating only chicken and vegetables today, it’s too late. It is not worth the cramming fats for the night because the body is no longer processing them and your sleep and fat loss is screwed. But it also applies to proteins that will save in you big time and immediately.

We’ve only been through basic facts about fat and keto diet. Only in the overview to make it clear that fats are the driving force of your organism, if you have taken this route. How I like to repeat: it’s not protein and it’s not carbohydrates.


Chia pudding

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So you like pudding? You could not have some during the keto diet? So let´s change it. In the following recipe you will see more options and variations how to prepare the perfect breakfast (or yummy snack). Ladies and gents…chia pudding.

The size of portions is only up to you and depending on your taste. From following I have prepared 2 portions.




  • Chia seeds 9 tsp
  • Ground cinnamon 1 tsp
  • Cocoa unsweetened 1-2 lsp

Optional ingredients:

  • Milk or cream
  • Sweetener (stevia or as prefered) or the keto flavour pill
  • Protein powder

Is that all? Of course! Let´s go step by step and mention how you can addapt it to your taste and needs.
Into small glasses (really small or any preferable small container) distribute chia seeds, cinnamon, cocoa (if you have powder sweetener add it now too) evenly. The poorest variation is to bring over 300ml of water, but preferable to adjust those 300 ml and change part for milk or cream…or substitute whole water if you want! You can also add protein powder as you like. For this recipe I have used 13 g of it.

If you don´t have sweetener, but you use keto flavouring pills I suggest 1 and half disolving before pouring over the mixture.

Pour the liquid into glasses, close it and shake properly and put it into fridge for 4+ hours. If the mix is loose after that time, feel free to add more chia seeds (mix with teaspoon, not shake directly as it will stick to the sides).

Nutritious facts(one portion = half):

  • Protein: 7,5g
  • Carbs: 8,5g
  • Fats: 7g

Chia seeds are high on carbs, so you can reduce the amount and the pudding will be more liquid. These numbers are counted from 100ml of milk used so you can decrease it by 2,5 g if you only use water.


Green beans with cheese

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Sometimes you just miss the needed fats, but you would like to have some wedgies. So go and kick those green fellas with some cheese with this light lunch during hot day!


  • Green beans 150g
  • Camembert 125g
  • Salt
  • Butter

Shortly roast the green beans on some butter to keep them crunchy. Toss in cut camembert cheese and keep few bits for topping. Stir till the cheese melts. Serve and top with remaining cheese.

Nutrition facts:

  • Proteins: 24g
  • Carbs: 6g
  • Fats: 57g

Cauliflower puree and turkey

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Nice chunk of meat and mashed potatoes. Thing that everyone knows, but potatoes are no go. Because of the nice carbs why not to take cauliflower!

  • Ingredients: 
  • Cauliflower 100g
  • Turkey 100g
  • Green beans 70g
  • Bacon 10g
  • Spring onion 1/2

The recipe is so simple that I won´t even go into details.

Boil the cauliflower till soft and put it into food processor with big tablespoon of butter. Fry the bacon cut into cubes and toss in green beans. Don´t overcook it and keep it crunchy.

In the meantime put some butter on the pan and fry the turkey seasoned with salt, pepper and smoked paprika. It takes just minutes, depending on the size of meat. Sprinle with spring onion and you are good to go! If you look for some more fats, just take pork instead!

Nutritious facts:

  • Proteins: 60g
  • Carbs: 10g
  • Fats: 27g
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What is Ketogenic diet

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Ketogenic diet is rich on fats with low level of carbohydrates and moderate proteins. Ketogenic diet not just only burns your fats and get extra water out of your body, but also helps your brain fuctions and prevents diseases.

But you are saying to yourself: How can fats be good for me? Go on reading!

What is ketosis

Methabolic process, where fats are taken as primary source of energy instead of carbs. This means your budy is burning own fats and turns them into energy instead of destroying your muscle cells and fats and transfering them into glucose as energy source. You will get into ketosis in the moment, when body doesn´t have enough glucose. That is the point your are looking forward to.

The ketones are byproducts of your body when burning fats and transfering them to energy and can only be produced during the ketosis phase.

How does it work then?

Step 1 – Cut down the carbs!

Like said seconds earlier, when you cut down the carb, your body will start looking for alternative to glucose…oh and it is fat!

Step 2 – Fat burn down

When the body starts to burn the fat into energy the beta-oxydation process is started. This process produces mentioned ketones which go to your blood and transfer energy not only to your muscles, but also to your brain.

Step 3 – Using the ketosis

See the benefits

  • Weight loss: The moment the body starts burning down the fats it will burn your fats too! So you will get slimmer.
  • More energy: As burning fats lasts longer and fat is better source of energy you will be given heaps of energy for longer time.
  • Brain function: The ketones mentioned above are giving fuel to your brain all the time so you might get smarter over time.
  • Healt benefits: Alzheimer, cancer, diabetes…a lot of them proven over the years.
  • Physical performance gain:  Ketosis can handle the oxygen you take in better so you won´t get burn outs like when you have burnt all the sugar you had.

More to come soon – like What to eat and how much, how to start and much more!


Day 18

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I gave it few days not to post any unreasonable conclusions with my change of eating. In this I don´t mean transfering from normal eating to keto, but from “powder keto diet” to combination of this and some real food.

I have no idea what was happening in the previous days, when I had an absolute crisis from the “powder diet”, but to me the massive amount of proteins started to save themselves in my body even though I have been wathich Throne of games half of the day.

The commrades said, that you have to learn, to learn and this era of internet is best to do so. I have calculated my macros and found out that its way off the limits and completely wrong.

I have made the first step and added one regular keto meal into my diet on behalf of the powder food. I was desperate, but also fired up to change and not to give up so I made myself a guinea pig. Never test on yourself! Find some friend that you don´t like that much and push him to try for you.

But I have done so and I told myself to get those fats into my food -20% income to lose the weight. Wow…day one nothing…day two nothing…one kilo down on day three!…and since then 0,2-0,3kgs a day. So basically I have lost the same weight in 4 days as in the first 11 days. Thats change!

To add I have ton of energy, sharp mind and I can walk my dog and stand up without issues.

I don´t want to say that the powder diet is wrong, no no, totally the oposite. Products have high quality and people around me have the only good experience. Each body reacts different, mine started to give up with so many proteins without fats. So take this as an ispiration that if you fail to achieve something, then change something! Don´t be a sheep!

I have a strong faith that your goals and dreams will come and if my experience (that nobody can take away from me, because it happened) will help somebody, then its cool.


Snacks and others

RockSocks Coffee

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The morning coffee, everybody knows that. For some of us it is a must in every day and you can´t live without it. What if we just take a coffee as part of breakfast or even the whole breakfast? Just few ingredients and yuo can go.

There are two options how to do it.

Option fast, easy and low fat

Mix 2scoops of your protein with 200ml of water, 50ml milk (full fat), add desirable syrup or any flavouring you use (sugar free, optional) and amount of coffee you prefer. If you prefer grounded coffee simply use 200ml of hot water over it. Shake or mix and it is done.

The right, fatty way

Prepare your favourite coffee in 200ml of water, add 1tbsp butter, 1tbsp coconut oil and mix properly (mixer advised) and in the end add 50ml of milk (or heavy cream). This coffee will rock your socks, make you feel full and ready to rock and roll!


Marinated duck with bok choy

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Want to eat duck and stay low on carbs while getting big proteins and fats? No time to waste!
Two servings ingredients:
Bok choy 2x
Shimeji mushrooms 200g (or some low carbs like portobelo)
Spring onion 1x
Duck 1/2
To taste:
Pink salt
Soy sauce, gluten free
Fish sauce
Oyster sauce

Nutritious facts:

Fats: 37,6g
Protein: 38,4g
Carbs: 12,7g (most of it is shimeji and fish sauce. Otherwise it has 3,4g, you can addapt)
Fibre: 3g


Mix caraway, chilli, salt and dry rub the duck. Put in oven on 120 degrees celsius. Bake for three hours.

In the meantime mix 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce with 3 tablespoons of soysauce and you can add olive oil. Coat the duck from time to time with this mixture with the brush.

After three hours uncover the duck and set the oven to max. In this time brush with own fat frequently. Bake like this for 30min more.
During this 30 minutes process take few spoons of duck fat and heat it in wok and add the shimeji.

Now add soy sauce and fish sauce per taste.
Once the mushrooms are soft add the bok choy and continue, but keep it crunchy!

Take out shimeji and keep the sauce aside in small bowl. Take the duck out of the oven and off the bone and cut into preferable sized pieces.

Toss it into wok (can add more duck fat if you want) and roast. My suggestion is to add few drops of soy and fish sauce to help to get the stickinness.

Meat is ready when golden a bit and skin loses more fat. Take out the meat and add the residual sauce you kept before. Add few more spoons of duck fat, one spoon of soy sauce with garlic and quickly reduce. You can pour this over the meat or simply dip in (and it brings more fats!)