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RockSocks Coffee

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The morning coffee, everybody knows that. For some of us it is a must in every day and you can´t live without it. What if we just take a coffee as part of breakfast or even the whole breakfast? Just few ingredients and yuo can go.

There are two options how to do it.

Option fast, easy and low fat

Mix 2scoops of your protein with 200ml of water, 50ml milk (full fat), add desirable syrup or any flavouring you use (sugar free, optional) and amount of coffee you prefer. If you prefer grounded coffee simply use 200ml of hot water over it. Shake or mix and it is done.

The right, fatty way

Prepare your favourite coffee in 200ml of water, add 1tbsp butter, 1tbsp coconut oil and mix properly (mixer advised) and in the end add 50ml of milk (or heavy cream). This coffee will rock your socks, make you feel full and ready to rock and roll!


Marinated duck with bok choy

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Want to eat duck and stay low on carbs while getting big proteins and fats? No time to waste!
Two servings ingredients:
Bok choy 2x
Shimeji mushrooms 200g (or some low carbs like portobelo)
Spring onion 1x
Duck 1/2
To taste:
Pink salt
Soy sauce, gluten free
Fish sauce
Oyster sauce

Nutritious facts:

Fats: 37,6g
Protein: 38,4g
Carbs: 12,7g (most of it is shimeji and fish sauce. Otherwise it has 3,4g, you can addapt)
Fibre: 3g


Mix caraway, chilli, salt and dry rub the duck. Put in oven on 120 degrees celsius. Bake for three hours.

In the meantime mix 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce with 3 tablespoons of soysauce and you can add olive oil. Coat the duck from time to time with this mixture with the brush.

After three hours uncover the duck and set the oven to max. In this time brush with own fat frequently. Bake like this for 30min more.
During this 30 minutes process take few spoons of duck fat and heat it in wok and add the shimeji.

Now add soy sauce and fish sauce per taste.
Once the mushrooms are soft add the bok choy and continue, but keep it crunchy!

Take out shimeji and keep the sauce aside in small bowl. Take the duck out of the oven and off the bone and cut into preferable sized pieces.

Toss it into wok (can add more duck fat if you want) and roast. My suggestion is to add few drops of soy and fish sauce to help to get the stickinness.

Meat is ready when golden a bit and skin loses more fat. Take out the meat and add the residual sauce you kept before. Add few more spoons of duck fat, one spoon of soy sauce with garlic and quickly reduce. You can pour this over the meat or simply dip in (and it brings more fats!)



Day 12

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I have heard that I am a negative asshole, but nothing of what I have written has been a lie.
In the morning I had same weight! (note that it is according to previous day)
Now I am going to give you a proof.
I have ended first keto diet step, because my side effects were no longer to be tolerated (thanks to all for the support and to all naysayers I wish 2kg up…and to lose them later because I like you anyway.

I have put one normal food today into my dining and thanks to butter and mayonayse (ideal keto food) I have increased my fat intake. Otherwise I would have to eat 3 avocadoes and drink a glass of oil. TO add I put chia seeds into my protein drink and i feel like heaven.

Stomach ache 1x, gasses 3x (counted on finders, before this day even a Chernobyl resident would not be able to do so with his 50 fingers).

So I am expecting my body to get better now. Will the kilos go down? Let´s see.


Day 10

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I came to work naked today. I needed to avoid my boss and wife told me that I am pale as the wall. Walking past the walls in glass made open space office is no fun, but I am keeping up!Yesterday my guts went fine, but now at the meeting with director the issue arrived, but I have been facing the wall by rear end so I was fine (the wall can´t say the same.
My energy level is going up (not the muscle strength though) and 0,4kg is down.

Lets see what the next days have to offer. Those protein drinks are getting sweeter each day, but yet the taste to get a potatoe salad with schnitzel is still there. I would suggest tastes like BBQ, meatloaf…sky is the limit!


Day 9

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Yesterday I had digestion issues only for two hours, so after three days of constant dehydratation I lost only 0,2kg. I have to say I feel really young now: My legs gurt like 18yrs old when hunting down girls, my skin issues reappeared , wallet empty and fridge too and feeling in my mouth like after university party.
But! I have fealt strong yesterday, I had tons of energy (but not muscle strength as even walking the dog hurts)!

This resulted into not being able to sleep till 1am and 5am I had my alarm clock set. Maybe fats are being burnt?

Bright days ahead.