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RockSocks Coffee


The morning coffee, everybody knows that. For some of us it is a must in every day and you can´t live without it. What if we just take a coffee as part of breakfast or even the whole breakfast? Just few ingredients and yuo can go.

There are two options how to do it.

Option fast, easy and low fat

Mix 2scoops of your protein with 200ml of water, 50ml milk (full fat), add desirable syrup or any flavouring you use (sugar free, optional) and amount of coffee you prefer. If you prefer grounded coffee simply use 200ml of hot water over it. Shake or mix and it is done.

The right, fatty way

Prepare your favourite coffee in 200ml of water, add 1tbsp butter, 1tbsp coconut oil and mix properly (mixer advised) and in the end add 50ml of milk (or heavy cream). This coffee will rock your socks, make you feel full and ready to rock and roll!


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