Day 18


I gave it few days not to post any unreasonable conclusions with my change of eating. In this I don´t mean transfering from normal eating to keto, but from “powder keto diet” to combination of this and some real food.

I have no idea what was happening in the previous days, when I had an absolute crisis from the “powder diet”, but to me the massive amount of proteins started to save themselves in my body even though I have been wathich Throne of games half of the day.

The commrades said, that you have to learn, to learn and this era of internet is best to do so. I have calculated my macros and found out that its way off the limits and completely wrong.

I have made the first step and added one regular keto meal into my diet on behalf of the powder food. I was desperate, but also fired up to change and not to give up so I made myself a guinea pig. Never test on yourself! Find some friend that you don´t like that much and push him to try for you.

But I have done so and I told myself to get those fats into my food -20% income to lose the weight. Wow…day one nothing…day two nothing…one kilo down on day three!…and since then 0,2-0,3kgs a day. So basically I have lost the same weight in 4 days as in the first 11 days. Thats change!

To add I have ton of energy, sharp mind and I can walk my dog and stand up without issues.

I don´t want to say that the powder diet is wrong, no no, totally the oposite. Products have high quality and people around me have the only good experience. Each body reacts different, mine started to give up with so many proteins without fats. So take this as an ispiration that if you fail to achieve something, then change something! Don´t be a sheep!

I have a strong faith that your goals and dreams will come and if my experience (that nobody can take away from me, because it happened) will help somebody, then its cool.



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