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What is Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diet is rich on fats with low level of carbohydrates and moderate proteins. Ketogenic diet not just only burns your fats and get extra water out of your body, but also helps your brain fuctions and prevents diseases.

But you are saying to yourself: How can fats be good for me? Go on reading!

What is ketosis

Methabolic process, where fats are taken as primary source of energy instead of carbs. This means your budy is burning own fats and turns them into energy instead of destroying your muscle cells and fats and transfering them into glucose as energy source. You will get into ketosis in the moment, when body doesn´t have enough glucose. That is the point your are looking forward to.

The ketones are byproducts of your body when burning fats and transfering them to energy and can only be produced during the ketosis phase.

How does it work then?

Step 1 – Cut down the carbs!

Like said seconds earlier, when you cut down the carb, your body will start looking for alternative to glucose…oh and it is fat!

Step 2 – Fat burn down

When the body starts to burn the fat into energy the beta-oxydation process is started. This process produces mentioned ketones which go to your blood and transfer energy not only to your muscles, but also to your brain.

Step 3 – Using the ketosis

See the benefits

  • Weight loss: The moment the body starts burning down the fats it will burn your fats too! So you will get slimmer.
  • More energy: As burning fats lasts longer and fat is better source of energy you will be given heaps of energy for longer time.
  • Brain function: The ketones mentioned above are giving fuel to your brain all the time so you might get smarter over time.
  • Healt benefits: Alzheimer, cancer, diabetes…a lot of them proven over the years.
  • Physical performance gain:  Ketosis can handle the oxygen you take in better so you won´t get burn outs like when you have burnt all the sugar you had.

More to come soon – like What to eat and how much, how to start and much more!


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