Myths and fails

Myths about Ketodiet: Fats are a supplement


People who want to make money to you tell you that you have to eat this one and this supplement and to do a few peanuts and one avocado and probha only egg whites, but not much… Great, so you’re zhubnuli! But what happened to your body when you didn’t receive fats? (Of course, I’m going to miss that you didn’t have the energy and probably came diarrhea and other side effects we’ll talk about next time, especially how to deal with them).

Fact 1: Proper fats are fuel on a keto diet. It’s not carbohydrates, it’s not protein. Ketosis is the process of processing received and body fats and their transformation into ketones that give you energy.

Fact 2: If you don’t accept enough fats a day, the body will start searching for energy. Where will it find it? In muscle and it doesn’t matter if you have today had 80% of proteins in the whole diet. These proteins will start to store in the body as fat and you will not move anywhere in the long term.

Fact 3: If you lack fats in a keto diet, you lose your muscles. Are you excited to lose weight? Clearly! However, if you do not give the body enough of the right fat, you destroy the muscles and combine fact 1 to 3 together. You don’t have the energy because you don’t have fats and because you degenerate muscles.

Fact 4: When Keto diet, you must involve fats in each meal. If you remember in the evening that you were eating only chicken and vegetables today, it’s too late. It is not worth the cramming fats for the night because the body is no longer processing them and your sleep and fat loss is screwed. But it also applies to proteins that will save in you big time and immediately.

We’ve only been through basic facts about fat and keto diet. Only in the overview to make it clear that fats are the driving force of your organism, if you have taken this route. How I like to repeat: it’s not protein and it’s not carbohydrates.


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