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Myths about Ketodiet: I have a protein diet


A very common view of the whole ketodiet is the opinion that this is a diet where you will have a lot of proteins, minimum carbohydrates and minimum fats. This trend is used as a good marketing thrust for different companies and of course go ahead, it’s got the effect because your caloric intake will fall to a minimum and proteins according to their words will keep your muscles free from loss. But is it true?

Fact 1: Keto diet is not a protein diet. The diet is based on the formation of ketones, which are formed based on low intake of carbohydrates and adequate protein intake.

Fact 2: If you accept too much protein, you are not in ketosis. Really. As stated in another my article, there will be a gluconeogenesis that will start melt proteins in the energy and thus throw you out of ketosis. Are you still wondering that your papers to control keto show negative results?

Fact 3: Proteins should only consist of about 20% of the daily intake. Don’t be alarmed that volume but energy intake. Use macrocalculator or some caloric table to make it clear how much protein you have received. If you go above 30%, then maybe you lost weight… more certainly, but it’s not a keto diet.

Fact 4: Proteins are stored in your body as an additional weight, but not muscles. If you have not burned all the excess proteins you have eaten, and I believe you have not practised, your weight will not go down. In the extreme case, proteins will begin to be stored as a defense against the loss of carbohydrates.

This is just a short list without unnecessary details on how to hold a protein diet is not a keto diet and how your efforts can harm you. You say you lose weight? So it is well, you lose it due to the reduced energy revenues you have been accustomed to, but you are holding a completely different diet that does not have such good effects on your body.


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