Green beans with cheese

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Sometimes you just miss the needed fats, but you would like to have some wedgies. So go and kick those green fellas with some cheese with this light lunch during hot day!


  • Green beans 150g
  • Camembert 125g
  • Salt
  • Butter

Shortly roast the green beans on some butter to keep them crunchy. Toss in cut camembert cheese and keep few bits for topping. Stir till the cheese melts. Serve and top with remaining cheese.

Nutrition facts:

  • Proteins: 24g
  • Carbs: 6g
  • Fats: 57g

Cauliflower puree and turkey

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Nice chunk of meat and mashed potatoes. Thing that everyone knows, but potatoes are no go. Because of the nice carbs why not to take cauliflower!

  • Ingredients: 
  • Cauliflower 100g
  • Turkey 100g
  • Green beans 70g
  • Bacon 10g
  • Spring onion 1/2

The recipe is so simple that I won´t even go into details.

Boil the cauliflower till soft and put it into food processor with big tablespoon of butter. Fry the bacon cut into cubes and toss in green beans. Don´t overcook it and keep it crunchy.

In the meantime put some butter on the pan and fry the turkey seasoned with salt, pepper and smoked paprika. It takes just minutes, depending on the size of meat. Sprinle with spring onion and you are good to go! If you look for some more fats, just take pork instead!

Nutritious facts:

  • Proteins: 60g
  • Carbs: 10g
  • Fats: 27g

Marinated duck with bok choy

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Want to eat duck and stay low on carbs while getting big proteins and fats? No time to waste!
Two servings ingredients:
Bok choy 2x
Shimeji mushrooms 200g (or some low carbs like portobelo)
Spring onion 1x
Duck 1/2
To taste:
Pink salt
Soy sauce, gluten free
Fish sauce
Oyster sauce

Nutritious facts:

Fats: 37,6g
Protein: 38,4g
Carbs: 12,7g (most of it is shimeji and fish sauce. Otherwise it has 3,4g, you can addapt)
Fibre: 3g


Mix caraway, chilli, salt and dry rub the duck. Put in oven on 120 degrees celsius. Bake for three hours.

In the meantime mix 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce with 3 tablespoons of soysauce and you can add olive oil. Coat the duck from time to time with this mixture with the brush.

After three hours uncover the duck and set the oven to max. In this time brush with own fat frequently. Bake like this for 30min more.
During this 30 minutes process take few spoons of duck fat and heat it in wok and add the shimeji.

Now add soy sauce and fish sauce per taste.
Once the mushrooms are soft add the bok choy and continue, but keep it crunchy!

Take out shimeji and keep the sauce aside in small bowl. Take the duck out of the oven and off the bone and cut into preferable sized pieces.

Toss it into wok (can add more duck fat if you want) and roast. My suggestion is to add few drops of soy and fish sauce to help to get the stickinness.

Meat is ready when golden a bit and skin loses more fat. Take out the meat and add the residual sauce you kept before. Add few more spoons of duck fat, one spoon of soy sauce with garlic and quickly reduce. You can pour this over the meat or simply dip in (and it brings more fats!)